Del Mar Italian Restaurant, Pizzeria and Takeaway in Perranporth Cornwall

We are a modern and informal restaurant serving a varied menu to our dinners. A sparkling new way to enjoy a night out, drinking and dining in a romantic atmosphere along with live music and singing makes us an ideal choice for any occasion.

Open Daily: Mon-Fri 5pm - 11pm / Sat & Sun: 12pm - 3pm & 5pm - 11pm

House Wines

175ml Glass Bottle
1. Grecanico, Fiorile, Sicily  £4.45 £14.95
Made from carefully selected Grecanico grapes, this
wine is dry and fruity with a delicate fresh flavour.
Alc by volume 12%
2. Rosso, Fiorile, Sicily  £4.45 £14.95
An elegant wine, made from Nero D’Avola and
Syrah grapes, intensely fl avoured with full
unrestrained ripe berry fruit.
Alc by volume 12.5%
3. Prosecco Tenute San Marco, Italy  £18.95
A wonderful dry Prosecco with a lovely fruitiness that
lingers on the palate.


4. Shiraz Rose, Foundstone, Australia  £4.95 £16.95
Dry but not too dry, a deep pink colour with fl oral aromas.
An excellent depth of fl avour with hints of apple.
Alc by volume 12.0%
White Wines
5. Chenin Blanc, Hazy View, South Africa  £16.65
Dry but not too dry – a fresh aromatic wine with hints
of tropical fruit and a long lasting fl avour.
6. Sauvignon Blanc, Tierra Antica, Chile  £16.95
Light gold in colour, lovely fresh bouquet and a fl avour
that has undertones of melon and gooseberry.
7. Semillon Chardonnay, Opal Ridge, Australia  £16.75
A delicate blend of herbaceous Semillon and exotic tropical
Chardonnay – a wonderful lingering fruity fl avour.
8. Chardonnay Torrontes El Camino, Argentina  £16.95
Fresh and crisp white wine with notes of melon and ginger
combined with rose and peach tones from the Torrontes.
All wines by the glass are available in a 125ml measure
9. Pinot Grigio, Sacchetto, Italy £17.95
A classic Pinot Grigio, dry, fresh and fruity with a mineral
character that lingers on the palate.
10. Unoaked Chardonnay Foundstone, Australia  £18.50
This unoaked Chardonnay offers a rich and creamy mouth
feel that leads to lovely soft tropical fruits and orange zest
on the palate. Zingy acidity underpins the fl avours and
keeps them lingering on the palate.
11. Grenache Sauvignon, Le Beau Chene, France  £17.50
An interesting combination showing the aromatic crispness
of Sauvignon balanced by the weight and broad fl avour of
Grenache resulting in a wine with fresh, grapefruit aromatics
and a fruity fl avour.
12. Gewurztraminer Verdelho Opal Ridge, Australia  £16.95
A wine which combines the aromatic Gewurztraminer with
the fuller bodied Verdelho to produce a vibrant and fresh
tasting wine, medium in style.
13. Soave Classico DOC Vigneto Monte Tenda, Italy  £20.95
Produced from a single vineyard and made from 100% Garganega
grapes. Dry and crisp with undertones of almonds.
14. Gavi di Commune di Gavi DOC, Italy  £22.95
A lovely wine with pleasant mineral tones and a hint of spice,
an excellent crisp fi nish that ligers on the palate.
Wonderful with spicy food.
15. Chardonnay, Berton Reserve, Australia  £23.95
A classic Chardonnay, lots of fruit with a creamy texture and well
balanced oak, thus retaining a fresh fl avour by not over indulging
with the use of oak. Recommended.
16. Sauvignon Blanc, Tuatara Bay, New Zealand  £24.95
New Zealand leads the way with the use of screw cap bottles, which
recently proved to keep the wine fresher than cork! Now, even more
expensive bottles have screw caps – crisp, clean and dry with all the
fl avours of a tropical fruit salad.
17. Chablis, Domaine Jean Goulley, France  £33.95
A bright golden colour with just a hint of green. This Domaine
bottled Chablis is ‘steely’ dry with lots of fresh fruit and a
lingering fl avour.

Red Wines

18. Cabernet Sauvignon, Tierra Antica, Chile  £16.95
A deep garnet colour with rich berry fl avours, soft ripe tannins,
with hints of violets and chocolate.
19. Cabernet Merlot, Weighbridge, Peter Lehmann, Australia  £17.95
It is a well structured seamless wine with a good depth of fruit
on the middle palade and fi nishes with fi rm, yet gentle tannins.
20. Merlot, Foundstone, Australia  £17.95
Soft and velvety with aromas and fl avours of lingering spicy
plums and cherries with undertones of vanilla. Recommended.
21. Grenache, Le Beau Chene, France  £17.50
Flavours of red fruits with nuances of spice and herbs and a
pleasant and fruity fi nish.
22. Nero d’Avola, Tareni del Duca, Italy  £18.95
Richly fl avoured with ripe berry fruit notes, balanced with
a lingering fi nish.
23. Pinot Noir, Coleccion, Torino, Argentina  £19.95
Great value – undertones of ripe strawberry fruit with a wonderful
juicy palate and supple tannins – a fl avour that lingers on and on.
24. The Black Shiraz, Australia  £20.95
An espresso of a wine! Strong, purple black and intense.
25. Primitivo ‘Luccarelli’ Terre Di Sava  £18.95
A full-fl avoured wine, soft and balanced, and eminently drinkable.
26. Valpolicella Classico Superiore, Italy  £21.95
Produced from a single vineyard in the heart of the ‘Classico’
Valpolicella area, aged for 18 months in oak then a further 6 months
in bottle. It is medium bodied, well balanced with good fruit content.
27. Montepulciano Avegiano d’Abruzzo DOC, Italy  £20.55
Produced at the Riparosso vineyard, the wine is ruby red with
a robust structure and undertones of wild cherries.
28. Chianti Riserva, Cantina Bonacchi, Italy  £20.95
Made from 90% Sangiovese and 10% Canaiolo and Malvasia del
Chianti. Aged for a total of two years before release. Dry, velvety
with an intense bouquet and a long, lingering fl avour.
29. Rioja Reserva, Ondarre, Spain  £23.95
A gold medal winning wine – rich fruit, smooth and subtle with the
added complexity of vanilla. A wine that is consistently well made.
30. Sangiovese di Romagna Riserva, Italy  £29.95
Produced from only the best clusters of grapes, this wine has an
intense aroma with a touch of violets followed by a full, rich fl avour.
31. Barolo Riserva – Costa Di Bussia, Italy  £44.95
Matured for three years in cask to develop the characteristics of slightly
gamey spicy tones for which Barolo Riservas are famed. Ripe fruit a
good grip and lasting fl avour.

Sparkling & Champagne

32. Prosecco di Conegliano DOC, Italy £23.95
Fine and fruity on the nose, full fl avoured yet delicate,
fresh and appealing.
33. Champagne Moutard Brut Prestige, France  £43.95
Made from 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay, it has a fi ne
classic mousse with a lovely biscuity character on the nose and
palate – the hallmark of all good Champagnes.
34. Dom Perignon 2002 Vintage, France  £195.00
World famous Champagne.