Del Mar Italian Restaurant, Pizzeria and Takeaway in Perranporth Cornwall

We are a modern and informal restaurant serving a varied menu to our dinners. A sparkling new way to enjoy a night out, drinking and dining in a romantic atmosphere along with live music and singing makes us an ideal choice for any occasion.

Open Daily: Mon-Fri 5pm - 11pm / Sat & Sun: 12pm - 3pm & 5pm - 11pm

Meat, Poultry and Potatoes

Grilled Fillet Steak Del Mar    
Grilled fillet with mixed Exotic mushrooms, marsalla wine and bacon    £20.95
Grilled Fillet Medallions a la Sulema    
Grilled fillet with mixed Exotic mushrooms, mustard and brandy sauce   £20.95
Grilled Fiorentina    
Grilled T-bone steak served with French fries   £22.95
Sirloin Steak    
Grilled sirloin steak with French fries and salad   £17.95
Rack of Lamb    
Oven roast rack of lamb with rosemary and red wine sauce   £15.95
Shank of Lamb    
Oven roasted shank of lamb with red wine sauce   £14.95
Chicken Del Mar    
Chicken supreme stuffed with cheese and spinach   £14.95
Chicken Capriccio    
Chicken supreme with asparagus, white wine, cream   £13.95
Chicken Grill    
Grilled chicken supreme on a bed of rocket salad   £12.95
Chicken Milanese    
Chicken supreme in breadcrumbs   £13.95
Roasted Duck    
Oven roast duck breast with bacon and Porto sauce on swede mash   £15.95
Vitello alla Crema di Funghi    
Veal escallopes in a mushroom and cream sauce   £14.95
Saltimbocca alla Romana    
Veal escallopes cooked in butter, sage, white wine and topped with Parma ham   £15.65
Scaloppine al Limone    
Veal escallopes in butter lemon sauce   £14.95
Scaloppine alla Milanese    
Veal in breadcrumbs   £14.95